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DKL 2227

DKL 2303 x Henke 5062Y

Codon 171: RR

$5000 CNS record high selling Polypay! Son of the best ewe in the country (also the dam of DK 9107). Owned with Hurley Farms.


Freking 1543AK


NSIP ID#: 62010720221543AK
Freking 1086A x Elm Creek 7022K
Codon 171: RR

$3000 CNS purchase. Exceptional combinatio of milk and prolicifacy!


MSF 2105

MSF 2105
Pharo 20110R x HV 7022

Codon 171: RR

2022 Keeper ram lamb out of our best ewe family and our outcross sire, Pharo 20110R! Next level growth, prolificacy, and parasite resistance.


Reference Sires

MSF 9013

MSF 9013
UW 15-437 x UW 16-353

Codon 171: RR

9013 was the top ram lamb out of our 2019 lamb crop. John Carlson found him and made us an offer we couldn’t refuse so he went to work in Illinois. After siring many high sellers at JCC, we bought him back and will have several lambs by him in 2022. Elite combination of milk, growth, and parasite resistance.

Henke 2115G

Henke 2115

NSIP#: 6200982020H2115G
Henke 8196G x Elm Creek 3082T
Codon 17: RR

2115G is an outcross ram we bought of the 2020 NSIP online sale from Anthony Henke. Tons of growth, excellent prolificacy, with added muscle.

DK 9107

DK 9107

NSIP#: 6201282019009107
Hausser 16045 x Henke 5062Y

$2800 high seller at the 2019 Center of the Nation sale in Spencer, IA! #6 USA Maternal Index ram in the breed. #1 NLW ram in the breed! This guy will see heavy use in the flock and will see a lot of JCC 437 daughters.

MSF 20063


NSIP ID#: 6201212020020063
Henke 5062Y x UW 18-370
Codon 171: RR

This home raised stud ram has a near perfect ebv profile. Extremely balanced with a 120 maternal index! Big capacity and bid topped!
Semen avaible at $20/unit.

Hidden Valley 7022

Hidden Valley 7022

NSIP#: 6200682017H37022
JCC 625 x CAK 2046R
Codon 171: RR

7022 is the #2 index ram in the breed as of fall 2020! He’s also in the pedigree of about ever ram in the top 10! He has worked at University of Wisconsin, Diamond K, and now we have the chance to use this great maternal sire.

Krome 7006

Krome 7006

NSIP#: 6201052017K7006D
ECP 5019D x Grandview 12-235

We added 7006D to our stud ram group late in 2019. His first lambs hit the ground here in April 2020. He is a complete outcross to our flock and will add milk in a big way!

UW 19-561

UW 19-561

NSIP#: 6200782019019561
UW 18-369 x UW 15437
Codon 171: RR

MSF 8085


NSIP#: 6201212018008085
JCC 437 x UW 16-353
Codon  171: RR

8085 is the pick out of our 2018 lamb crop to stay in the flock! He’s a triplet out of a ewe lamb, his brother sold for $2000 in Spencer, and his sister is our best replacement ewe! Absolutely no holes in his epd profile, he looks great, and he’s very smooth polled. He will breed every ewe lamb he’s not related to.

Sand Prairie 392

Sand Prairie 392

NSIP#: 6201142017H00392
Henke H5048Y x Lambshire L2289G

We were stoked when Howard Lindaman called and asked if we were interested in 392. We bought him to add power and growth and he also offers a unique and outcross pedigree. His first group of lambs will be born here fall 2019.

UW 18-369


NSIP#: 6200782018018369
Hidden Valley 7022 x UW 15-437

We are very excited about this young stud we purchased privately from Todd Taylor at UW. Extremely balanced EBV profile includes great worm resistance numbers!

JCC 1437


NSIP#: 6200072014140437
JCC 1343 x ECP E2041B
Codon  171: RR

We were extremely excited when John Carlson gave us the chance to buy half interest in JCC 1437! He has very balanced epds and is currently the #4 active sire for USA MAternal Index. Lambs are attractive, fast growing, and have that maternal look 437 Sires the highest indexing 2018 bor ram lambed that just sold for $2000 in Spencer! 437 is headed back to Illinois after CNS so we replaced him with his young stud prospect, MSF 8085!

UW 15-319


NSIP#: 6200782015015319
UW 10-190 x JCC 20909
Codon  171: RR

UW 15-319 is the current trait leader for Number Lambs Weaned! He will pass on his huge capacity to his daughters allowing them to easily carry triplets or even quads! 1/2 interest is for sale or lease on this guy as we are trying to get him better proven in NSIP. Let us know if you have interest!

UW 15-437


NSIP#: 6200782015015437
Notkwyta 1246 x UW 10-190
Codon  171: RR

A big thank you to Todd Taylor for allowing us to use 15-437 this fall! We are very excited to see this guy improve our flock by adding milk and parasite resistance. This is one of the best proven rams in the breed!